14 Sep 2011

How Big Is a Worksheet?

It's interesting to stop and think about the actual size of a worksheet. Do the arithmetic (16,384 × 1,048,576), and you'll see that a worksheet has 17,179,869,184 cells. Remember that this is in just one worksheet. A single workbook can hold more than one worksheet. If you're using a 1024 × 768 video mode with the default row heights and column widths, you can see 15 columns and 25 rows (or 375 cells) at a time - which is about .000002 percent of the entire worksheet. In other words, more than 45 million screens of information reside within a single worksheet.If you were to enter a single digit into each cell at the relatively rapid clip of one cell per second, it would take you about 545 years, nonstop, to fill up a worksheet. To print the results of your efforts would require more than 40 million sheets of paper - a stack more than a mile high. As you might suspect, filling an entire workbook with values is not possible.

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